Karma likes to come get me quite often.  I suppose, in an act of retribution for my past action of laughing and teasing my husband mercilessly about his missing (decorative) balls, karma found me.  It began as any other day, except that this was the very next day from that day, and I was relaxing across the bed.  In our house, the circuitry is God Awful and we can’t have too many appliances plugged in at once in the summer or the whole place loses power.  On this particularly hot day, I had turned on our bedroom A/C to enjoy while I played a mobile game on my phone.  Naturally, the power gave.  The Hubz dutifully got up and left in order to cycle the power.  He left me with specific instruction: turn the A/C off as soon as the power comes back.

I heard him in the background as I focused solely on selecting the PERFECT outfit and accessories for my sorority girl to enter the fashion show with.

Minutes later, the A/C roared to life again.  It startled me enough to remember that if I wanted ANY electricity in the house again, I’d better shut that beast off.  In a fit of haste and panic, I attempted to Buffy-kick my way up off the bed.

This did not end well for me.

Immediately upon swinging my left leg up and behind me in order to propel my entire body up, I felt my hip pop and crack as, indeed, my whole body flew up off the bed.  I managed to switch the A/C off amidst my tortured flailing of arms and hands as I cried about my freaking leg that I’m pretty sure was going to snap off like a chicken wishbone.

And that, kids, is what Karma is all about.

I spent the next few days limping and whimpering about my poor hip, and The Hubz spent them grinning evilly but helping me walk along beside him to go get some ibuprofen.


2 thoughts on “Karma

  1. You’re so cute Michelle. And I told read all of this in your voice lol I love it and I miss your face. ❤ Next time I'm up there, happy hour. No excuses Love


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